Ana Belen Abreu

Get Lucky by Perfect Twist

A Jazz, Pop, Bossa Fusion with great Musicians: Ana Belen Abreu (Vocals), Fernando Vargas (Vocals), Javier Concepcion (Piano), Edward Magdariaga (bass) and


Arrangements: Pedro Alfonso
Guitar: Roberto Obregon
Flute: Ana Belen Abreu
Mix: Ignacio Gomez
Video: Mary Beth Coeth
Thank you Litus

La Madrugada by B.E.A.D.

This is a project Belen is working on with Doug Emery, a great musician and arranger.
B.E.A.D. is a Duo that mixes different musical elements into an indie

Born in Cuba, Ana Belén Abreu “AnaBé”, trained in the best dance and music programs of Havana where she studied ballet and musical theater from the age of 6. Later, she was accepted to the prestigious Manuel Saumelle Conservatory to pursue a musical career as a classical flutist. Her journey continued in Venezuela, where she was able to receive master classes from internationally renowned teachers such as William Bennet (UK) and Tadeo Cohelo (Brazil).

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